Who I am + what I do


Hi! My name is Mirjam (Roelink) Mainland, the business and marketing strategist and creative entrepreneur behind this company. I live and work in Los Angeles, CA.

I specialize in online marketing strategy (my biggest passion) and implementation, business development & operations, and managing websites for eating disorder treatment providers. My work is driven by serious passion for what I do. I understand your market, speak the language of your future client (I've been there) and know how to use my creative mind and skills to create a tailored approach that will help you meet your business goals. 

It’s my mission to help you meet your marketing needs and improve access to care for people with eating disorders.

My approach

My approach is built on the principle that every treatment provider or company has something that sets them apart. Something different and unique. It is my job to help you find your authentic voice and use it to engage and communicate with your target audience. 

Mirjam (Roelink) Mainland

Professional Bio

A beautiful and well designed website is only half the battle. In today's rapidly changing digital age you need to keep it up-to-date, have the right strategy and use the right platforms to deliver your message and reach your audience. Whether you run a treatment center, non profit, just started your own practice, want to network with peers, or increase social media presence, I understand the bigger picture and I'm passionate about creating and implementing a (marketing) strategy to help you succeed. 

Mirjam (Roelink) Mainland is a Marketer and Business Strategist in Los Angeles, with over 8 years of experience and a proven track record in (digital) marketing, operations and business development in the eating disorder field. She holds a M.S. degree in Business Administration (With Highest Honors).

In 2014, she joined Recovery Warriors as Director of Marketing and Executive Editor. Mirjam dedicates her career to the field of eating disorders by working with professionals and organizations, empowering others to recover from their eating disorder and improving access to professional care. 

Mirjam serves as Vice President and Website & Social Media Chair for the South Bay Eating Disorder Coalition Board and is a co-chair of the Social Media Committee for the Academy for Eating Disorders where she previously served as a member of the Patient Carer Committee and 2018 Scientific Program Committee. She is also a certified Recovery Mentor for ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders) and Recovery Ambassador for Eating Recovery Center (ERC).

She is an active advocate for eating disorder awareness and utilizes her own recovery experiences and professional expertise to encourage collaboration between patients, carers, researchers and treatment providers to improve research, treatment, education and prevention.

That is what I do and I love it tremendously.